For your pleasure, we put at your service a restaurant where you will taste with delight the most delicious menus of Moroccan gastronomy.

A paradise in the middle of the old Medina

Riad Marraplace offers you exceptional prices during the winter season.
Take advantage of the specificity of our Riad and treat yourself to spend a typical Moroccan night while enjoying our special dishes prepared by one of the best chefs in the region.

Assortment of Moroccan Salads

Starting your meal with a parade of plates with multiple colours, flavours and perfumes is an endless enchantment. Caramelized eggplant, pumpkin comfit, tomato and courgette salads, peppers or beans, carrots and Moroccan quince … It’s a real festival at every meal. A multitude of small pleasures, lighting up your appetite.

La Pastilla

A puff pastry on the tongue, the exquisite flavour of the pigeon or seafood that stuffed it lets explode on the palate a thousand delicate fragrances where mingled with sweet sensations.

The Tagine

Tajine is the traditional dish par excellence of Morocco. It must be said that this magic word is evocative of the perfumes of the Maghreb, it is always an invitation to escape and travel. It keeps its name from the typical utensil in glazed earth in which it is cooked slowly with charcoal.
Cooked with a basic element (beef, lamb, poultry or fish), this rustic is complemented according to the mood or the market; the Tajine is a boon for any cook equipped with a little talent and imagination.